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    • Interact with Jim & Pruitt- suggest new show topics, submit questions, and exchange beard maintenance tips with Pruitt!

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    • The Web DM Podcast is a fully produced, hour-long, weekly show which will let Jim and Pru delve deeper than they ever have before. If you want to listen to WebDM in your car, at work, or even while window shopping in the slave pits of Menzoberranzen, Jim and Pru are ready to throw down whenever you are.
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    • We’ve had many, many requests to provide audio-only mp3 versions of our regular Wednesday YouTube shows so our legions of fans can get their Web DM fix on the go! 
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  • Access to an exclusive monthly live group chat! We’ll talk about your game, answer your burning questions, and just hang out and talk about D&D!




A commoner has to make adventuring their job to become a hero - and that's what it’s time for us to do with Web DM. We strive to make the highest-quality show possible, in content, production values, and consistent release schedule. We all have day jobs, and our goal is to give WebDM, and our incredible fans, the time they deserve.

Web DM has produced content for our dedicated fans on our YouTube channel for over two years. In that time, we've seen our community grow to over 50,000 subscribers, and we've made connections with our viewers that have changed the course of the show (and our lives) in ways we could never imagine!

YOU are the people we already work for - and we hope to do it as long as we can! We have turned down a ton of sponsorships because we wouldn’t want to hear about their stuff on air and didn’t think you would, either - we want to make this show because we care about making something you find valuable.

With your support, we’re going to create new and exciting content to keep challenging us creatively and strengthening the community of Web DM fans around the world --starting with our exclusive WebDM podcast!

The Web DM Patreon is your chance to:
  • Help us make Web DM!
    • Your financial support allows us to make the time in our lives to write, produce, and release the best darn show possible. With your help, we can finally stop risking our lives by slaughtering giant rats in the sewers for coppers, and just spend our time making the damn show.
  • Interact with Jim & Pruitt in new and exclusive ways.
    • Here’s the big news: WE ARE LAUNCHING THE WEB DM PODCAST EXCLUSIVELY ON PATREON! That’s right: one extra hour a week of sweet, sweet RPG banter, more portable than ever.
    • Immortal-Level Patrons will also have exclusive access to a monthly meetup with Jim and Pruitt - get answers to your burning questions, get advice on how to tweak that Monk build, and maybe, *just maybe* Pruitt will share one of his cookie recipes with you.
  • Go behind the scenes of the creation of the show.
    • Producer Trav (editor and co-creator of the show) will share exclusive videos, pics and outtakes on the WebDM Patreon message board - and nowhere else!

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