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is creating Artwork for an Animal Shelter

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1 High resolution professionally shot photo download every month of cute cats and dogs. Most of the images are 3000px or above on the longest side. Below is an example of one of the images. You have the permission to use these images for your projects with unlimited use.

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Original and unique hand painted jar lanterns made by me. Please let me know which jar you want.




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I'm an artist and an animal lover.

My aim is to make and maintain an animal shelter. For your donations you will receive my unique painted Artwork or Photography, which you can see in the right sidebar.

Why a Pet Shelter?

Bali is the place where I live. Here there are a lot of pets which get dumped on the street in bad conditions, often new born babies, females which are pregnant, or pets which are very old or sick. It is extremely common to see all of this here and there are simply not enough animal shelters. I want to have the ability to give a home to as many animals as I can, to look after them and get them healthy and happy before finding people to adopt them. 

Why do I Want to Get Involved?

I already keep in my house quite a few of these pets which I found dumped in streets or which just turned up on my doorstep, the numbers are increasing and I don't have enough space and I don't have enough money to keep taking more. I try to adopt them, but usually the first question people ask is are the animals sterilised. Unfortunately I can't sterilise them all as it costs more than I can afford to sterilise each one. So my burning ambition is to make a pet shelter, but I can't do it alone, I need the help of donations to set it up.

How Can You Help?

Bali is in desperate need for more animal shelters. If you come to Bali you may not witness the problems here as you will likely stay close to the beach in a hotel or villa, but in the areas which are not touristy one thing you will notice is a huge amount of neglected animals on the streets. Primarily dogs and cats struggle a lot here, there are a lot of malnourished dogs and cats on the streets, the ones I am most concerned for are the ones you can clearly see were once pets, but have been dumped by their owners or their neighbours who don't like these pets in their areas.

Any donation of any amount will really help, as I plan to take care of as many homeless pets as possible. For monthly donations you will receive my art work or photography, but you can also give a one off donation of any any amount. I want to get these animals off the streets, get them healthy and in good shape and get them adopted by people who I know will take good care of them and give them loving homes.

Thank you for your support.

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