Kevin Montgomery

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About Kevin Montgomery

We're just two working adults trying to change our lives and live the best way possible. We've overcome so many things along this journey and we are SOOO excited to share them with others. We are working hard to save those around us from a lifetime of health issues and find true happiness!

Before we get too far allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I've fought obesity my entire life. I've gained weight, lost it, gained it again and now am once again losing it. Only this time its different. This time I'm armed with information I was never given. To be honest I doubt you've been given this information either.
That beautiful young thing beside me, well, that's my wife, Megan. She too has struggled with weight for many years. She has also battled asthma, pre-diabetes, and hormone issues for most of her adult life.
Come on inside our little project to inform, inspire, and maybe help others who have been fighting the same battles!
Welcome to our Keto Family!

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