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About Weirderstar

Heyo, I am Sandy, but you can call me Weirdy if you want. I love to art, be it personal or for someone else, I try to art everyday. I wish to someday live off my art and I know I am quite a ways from that, but this is a start.

I will try to post as often as possible even if it is just a little doodle I did while I was bored. I am going to try to give as much as possible to those who support me as a thank you for everything.

Also, me and my brother might be working on something for the future, so I will try to keep everyone posted on that.

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Thank you so much. These may be some of the smallest stars, but they are the most common, so it means they are pretty important. Every dollar helps, so again thank you a lot.

This is just a tip jar.

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You are just wonderful and such a giant help. Thank you and Enjoy.

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  • Access to sketches and WIP that will only be available here.
  • Updates on what I am currently working on including work in progresses.

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