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Thanks for donating even just a dollar a month! I really appreciate it!  You'll be a few pages ahead on my comics and gain access to sketches from me and my co-creator! 

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Wow! Thanks for the help! For this tier, you'll get an extra page ahead on my comics! 

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Thanks guys! For this tier, you'll be get to see sketches of pages as I create them! You get sneak peaks at new projects long before they're announced, and with more detail than I'd post on Instagram! 

Includes Fans and Previews tier. 

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About Taco

Thanks for checking out my Patreon! I'll be using any money I get to help my projects or with anything important that comes up in life! This'll be a fun way to interact more with people who like my work, and I can drag in the co-creator to interact as well! 
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