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Get access to Welch Labs videos ~1 week before their YouTube release. 

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In addition to early access to videos, you  are entered in raffle to win a copy of my favorite math/science book for that quarter shipped directly to you with a personal note. 

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At this level, your name will be included in the YouTube description below each Welch Labs video you sponsor. You will also receive all lower tier benefits.



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Welcome to the Welch Labs Patreon page! Here, by contributing a small fixed amount to the creation of each new Welch Labs video, you can access cool Welch labs perks while helping Welch Labs make more great content. You're only charged when new videos are released, and are of course free to cancel at any time. You can also set limits through Patreon to automatically cap your overall montly contributions to whatever level fits in your budget. Finally, your contributions through Patreon go directly to helping Welch Labs create more awesome videos. 

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