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is creating a podcast about following Jesus in a post christian culture.

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What do you really want? We live in a time when the ability to truly ask this question is often eclipsed by politicized religion, social media arguments and misunderstanding. At the end of the day however, most of us are left with souls that are thirsty for a truer spiritual life and knowledge of Jesus.

This is precisely what we want to share and cultivate on the Well Said Podcast. This is the place where we share our thoughts and experiences as followers of Jesus in this crazy and confusing cultural moment. Every episode seeks to draw upon our years in christian ministry, theology and Bible study. But it also comes from careful reflection on our hearts and our daily lives of following Jesus.    

If we are honest, we realize that the complexity of true spirituality often arises right out of our own hearts. What is right? What is wrong? What must I do to truly know God’s presence and work in my life? This is your weekly pitstop to share, think and be equipped on this journey. Patreon is a unique step for us; an opportunity for you to support the work, and for us to forge an even closer relationship as we navigate life together. We are so glad to have you with us! Check out more at well-said.org!
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This first goal will be a massive doorway for us to begin to produce more helpful and insightful content. It will open the opportunity for us to devote a full work day a week to expanding to new platforms and bring you guys more goods every week! 
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