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Get access to blog with reflections from choreographer and dancers, participate in gatherings in your city.  In the next two years, gatherings will occur in Boston, NYC, São Paulo, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Delhi, Bamako and Istanbul, depending on the number and interest of patrons and Wendy's travel schedule.
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The above, plus participate in a video shoot - there will be opportunities in Boston and São Paulo for large group video shoots.  We will also be asking people around the world to participate by sending their videos of a particular movement to be edited into one video. Watch for specifications to make your video!
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All of the above, plus access to extended video footage from shoot with Wendy Jehlen and Lacina Coulibaly for the video "Entanglement" and/or extended video footage from Wendy Jehlen and Parkour Generations Americas' first video collaboration "Every Body".




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Want to reach me directly? Email me here. I'll be putting together a FAQ about the project, so ask away!

See the "Activity" tab for profiles of current collaborators on this project!  Updated regularly.

And look for subtitles in English, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish on the videos.  More languages coming soon!

Dance and movement are our most direct form of communication.

When we dance, when we watch dance, when we dance together, we are communicating brain to brain.

Historically, cross-culturallly, dance has always been a way to talk about the truth that is shared between all people. The way that we share is through dance. Dance is a way to reveal the interconnectedness of all things, to reveal the diversity of experience, to reveal the realities that we share together.

Neurologically, when we watch somebody else experience and portray emotion, we experience that emotion. One of the most important things for our brains to develop is empathy, in order to live together in the world.

Right now, with the internet, we have an opportunity to have an open dialogue, an open conversation with people all over the world about what it is that dance is, and what we contribute to society, and what is the purpose of dance, what is important about dance. I want to make a series of video haikus, which are short, poignant, purposeful dance works that convey emotion directly to the mind of the audience. In order to make that happen, I need your help!

Thank you in advance for your support and participation in this project. I look forward to our conversation.

This project is part of a collaboration with Parkour Generations Americas.

Important note: If you live in a country that does not allow you to participate financially as a sponsor, please know that your voice is important. Send me a message and you can receive the same benefits as a patron.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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