Wendy McColm

is creating Films & Performance pieces to inspire connection and growth
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About Wendy McColm

Hello. My name is Wendy McColm. Director, Expressionist who stands for connection and growth to be our true selves. 

In creating short films for the last 10 years on my own dime, and this last year produced my debut feature Birdswithoutfeathers.com "Birds Without Feathers" A film about 6 broken characters who will give it all away to receive love- a dark comedy... I have found that I may do better on my journey with some support. 

I love the support of the eyes and hearts that have gotten to see my films over the years (you can see some here at wendyfilms.com) I think it is time though where I could use some moral support and financial support as I have used every last penny I have made to create. I will continue to do this, but after making this feature the reality of the sound mixing and festival fees have dawned on me and slowed me down a little. 

I would love to keep creating and sharing with you. Let's do this, we are all capable of doing what we desire. 

And remember- You are not alone. 

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I will be able to hire an editor to begin finishing the short films I have in backlog <3 YAY! 
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