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is creating Ark: Survival Evolved Cross-Cluster Servers!

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Bronze Tier
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This is for everyone ready to play on servers that don't crash every day!  With your help we'll be on our way in no time!  This tier will also comes with access to a Patreon-only discord chat where we will discuss suggestions about the servers.
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Silver Tier
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Not only do you want servers that don't crash but higher player slot counts as well!  Along with access to the discord chat, this tier will also grant access to Patreon-exclusive servers as the cluster develops!
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Gold Tier
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You're going straight for cross-cluster servers!  Not only do you get access to the above mentioned discord chat and exclusive servers, but you can also give input as to which maps get brought to the cluster first.  Thanks for the support!
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Welcome to Wentz Bros Gaming!  Our primary goal is to grow and manage a community for Ark: Survival Evolved players on Xbox.  In order to do so, we need servers, and in order to get servers, we need money.  If you enjoy playing on our servers and want to see the community grow donations are greatly appreciated!

Additionally my brothers and I have begun making gaming videos.  Many of our videos come from these Ark servers but we also hope to showcase a variety of other games soon.  If you're interested you can check us out on YouTube.
$0 of $50 per month
The Nitrado Server Cluster begins!  At $50 a month we will launch 2-20 slot core map servers!
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