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I am a Pakistani woman born and based in Lahore, Pakistan who started writing poetry to cope with being an empath and of course, to sort through my own emotions. I am a Fulbright Scholar, an NYU alumna, a poetess and a blog content editor.

Before 2014, I had never shared any of my poems. 2014 was an inspiring year in which I found myself studying masters at NYU and experiencing the arts and culture of New York City. Soon, I created my Facebook page and started sharing my work on it. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive something that I hadn't expected. It made me realize that sharing my own experiences and observations through poetry helped me connect with people the world over. It also made me realize that I wanted to write full-time. Taking time out to write, unfortunately, has gotten harder ever since I returned to Lahore after finishing graduate school.

Back home, I started working in the digital marketing industry as a senior content writer and found myself with a serious lack of time and energy for poetry. Besides surviving in the alien field of marketing, churning out articles on topics such as plumbing, interior decor, cleaning, etc. isn't the best experience for a poet. I faced hurdles such as exhaustion and lack of motivation in the evenings once I returned home from work. Once I became the editor and content manager, I thought I'd have more time on my hands for my work, but I don't. Managing a company's social media uses up my creative juices.

Stumbling upon Patreon, however, has given me hope. If I get paid to make art, I can eventually switch to writing poetry full-time. My goal is to publish a couple of poetry books in my lifetime.

Currently, I post poems intermittently. I have no schedule and sometimes I lose all motivation to continue maintaining my Facebook page. Yet I write. I write everyday. Whether in a notebook, or on a tissue paper, or in the notepad on my laptop or on my cell phone. I have so, so much material that I want to refine and put out there. However clichéd it sounds, I think I have found my calling and I'd like to give it the time it deserves.

This brings me to the Roses Are Black Project (BRP). That is the name of my first poetry book. Why this name, you might be wondering. My mother named me Werda because she had read in a baby name book that it meant black rose. The meanings of names are important in Pakistan. I was bullied about the meaning as a child, however. I was called the shriveled, dying flower and the experience made me dislike my name for many, many years. Now, though, I have come to love and embrace it. I have a beautiful rose tattoo as well. 

As for the book, I would like to have the manuscript ready soon. It shouldn't be too hard, should it? I just need to push past self-doubt and exhaustion. 

Besides poetry, the book will have hand drawn sketches of my favorite flowers. And no, it won't just be roses. I will leave the sketches as a surprise, but I will be sharing parts of the manuscript building process with you depending on your level of support.

I will start with posting 3 poems a month for all Patrons and if I seem to get closer to my goal of working from home as a freelancer or writing for myself full-time, I will increase the number of poems that I share each month. 

Consider this a Patreon with a purpose. If I do not have a manuscript ready by 2020 and the book self-published within three months of achieving my second goal on Patreon, I will shut it down. It would mean I have failed you and myself. However, I will strive to make sure that that doesn't happen.

As a patron you will get digital access to my work. You will get sneak peeks into the BRP, micropoems, poems and even short stories as rewards at various backers and milestone levels. While anything from the BRP will be something for your eyes only till the book gets published, other work might reappear elsewhere. As a backer, though, you will get to read it long before anyone else does. 

My work will always be of varying lengths and on varying topics. I write on human emotions, real life events, current affairs, preternatural and supernatural beings and nature. I can guarantee that you will never be bored of anything I send you.

Sometimes, depending on how well this Patreon does, you will get physical rewards. But because this Patreon is about helping me make it as a full-time writer in Pakistan, the physical rewards will be few and far between. Shipping worldwide is expensive folks!

I know my potential. I know I will keep writing. You can help get my writing out faster.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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