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"NPC's will be around long after the last PC has been slain."

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"Go forth and find the leg of Slotnir."

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"I like a good trap or two."

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About Kawe's Encounters

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. I create printable maps and miniatures for table top games. My aim is to do really high quality stuff and I am happy to hand out source files for you to have fun with. I think Patreon is a great opportunity to find support, but also to showcase one's work, which I will do in the form of low resolution updates.

The plan
I aim to do full settings including: locations, monsters and the occasional NPC's. In the first campaign, you'll get a world map, various location maps, and suitable 2D printable miniatures that should allow you to play encounters of various levels. 

Early in 2017 I gave up my day job as an artist in video games to run Westfalia Miniatures full-time. So far so good, but I've found myself with some spare time and I miss using Photoshop on a regular basis. So here I am! German, past 40, freelancer and happy. :--)
3% complete
When I reach $50, then I'll do a first set of 2D printable minis including a high resolution Rust Monster, Stirges and Kobolds. I would expect this to take 2 weeks to complete after the goal has been met.
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