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is creating Videos, Reskins in Trainz, Horns and Whistles in Trainz
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About WE Trains

This is the official Patreon of WE Trains YouTube channel. I was inspired by people like Mike Armstrong, Danny Harmon, and Steve Lerro. They inspired me to Railfan. I created my YouTube channel in September of 2016 and I have been successful at creating videos so far. I started playing in Trainz Simulator in 2017 because I heard that it was great. I have created horns and whistles that are very nice. My reskins from other models in Trainz are used by many people and are great. In 2018, YouTube changed its policy of Monetized Videos and my channel was one of the channels involved. They changed it because of those who impersonate other like Bill Vu impersonating Steve Lerro. I am no YouTube channel impersonator and I should not have my channel demonetized because of those people. I went to Patreon to not only make a profit but to reach out to other people who may have interest in my channel so they can have an insperation. If you love railroading, I recommend you checking out my channel.  

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