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Hey YOU!

Thanks for being here and taking the opportunity to see what this page is about, that really means a lot to us! This page is about the things we create and the help we can use to keep doing what we love, publishing high quality and authentic travel content!

On October 31st 2016 we left Amsterdam to travel the world AND to be able to stay together at the same time. We decided to take a leap of faith and jump into an unknown adventure and so far we absolutely LOVE it. Everyday we find ourselves in unexpected situations full of adventure, culture and fun and we would love YOU to be part of it!

So far we've been so HUMBLED by all the support we've been getting from people all over the world. We've had help from graphic designers, videographers, writers, you name it. Everyone of them has given us such great tips and that makes us able to rapidly improve our skill set so we can produce better content everyday. We're so thankful for all of this and these things really get us up in the morning.

Our biggest challenge is to be able to financially support ourselves on the road. We are working hard to be able and create a sustainable living out of our journey, but everything is hard at the start. That is why we could really use YOUR HELP so we can keep creating our authentic & fun travel videos.

If you enjoy our the videos we produce and you would like to show it, we would be so GRATEFUL if you could help us a by giving us a donating and thereby literally keeping us on the road!

Lots of LOVE from us,

Noemie & Hugo
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We LOVE to create authentic travel videos and share them with YOU. That means that we love to create OUR OWN stories to make the best possible content to hopefully at some point make a living out of it. Unfortunately these things start slow and cost money and that's why we need YOU. 

As you can understand things such as camera gear, plane tickets and accommodations don't come for free. We've already sold the few things we had back home to be able to support ourselves for a short time, but that money is running out. With $500 a month, we'll be able to double the time we can travel and double the chance of us succeeding! 

So: if you enjoy our content you would like to HELP us, please consider financially supporting us because NOW is the time we need it more than ever!

We've come up with some cool rewards so we're able to get to know our Patreons better or help them planning their own travels. 

Noemie & Hugo
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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