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Hello fellow cartoon violence fanatics, the small team at Whack It has been scratching around in the dark for over a year since our last whack game was launched - Whack the Creeps.

A Big Bloody Thank You to All Our Fans!

We'd like to thank everyone for playing and downloading our games over the past 2 years. We really appreciated how much attention they received and want to entertain you to an even greater level. Our games have so much animation work that goes into them that they are incredibly expensive to create and hard to break even on.

Games in Development that Need Your Support!

Whack the Serial Killer

Launching soon on Steam Whack the Serial Killer will feature you trapped in a basement and looking to escape a psychopathic serial killer. There's only one way out and that's a brutal and bloody one!

Help support the game by becoming one of our Patreons. Every dollar donated will go towards expanding the kill collection in the game. We want to add a tonne more kills to this game to make it the most outrageous whack it game yet! Check out our member reward tiers on the right.

A Step up in the Series!
We have been trying to find the best way to move forward with our next epic animated adventure - Whack the Evil Dead Thing! to make you squirm and hopefully chuckle more than our previous creations. This game will feature an Evil morphing demonic creature that is hell bent on devouring your actual soul. You have to savagely butcher the demon with many brutal, bare bones, emphatic and gruesome kills. The artwork will be a step up from the original games. When you support us at any reward level you will get to see the production value in more detail. But our trailer also gives you an idea of the quality.

Yes I know we also have Whack the Serial Killer announced but this will follow Whack the Evil Dead Thing now.

This is one of the reasons why we are looking for your support to help make whack games sustainable as we have tonnes of ideas moving forward and have pencilled 3 games to create over the next 2 years. We love making these sorts of games and would love even more interacting with you guys in developing kill scenes, circumstances and of course the bloody and gory kills themselves.

Access Exclusive Behind the Scenes Development News, Artwork and Videos.

We thank you in advance for any contribution you make to Whack It Games. All your money goes directly to the creation of our games and nowhere else. This is mainly to the animation and artwork costs but some programming it also needed as we enhance the interactivity of the kills going forward.

Please help support the on going development of our games by donating whatever you can. Anyone who donates $1 a month gets access to news, artwork and videos exclusively posted on Patreon!

Receive Games Free on Top
If you contribute $2 or more a month you will receive all our games for free!

Become Part of Our Ideas Team
We are keen to hear from fans with a twisted mind (like ours!) who want to start discussing future kill and game ideas with us. The more our fans help contribute towards the development of our games, the more successful they will become. So why not get involved and start discussing some bloody disgusting kills and ideas with us. Become a Serial Killer member for $5 a month and start discussing kill concepts with us!

Thanks again and we look forward to shocking you with plenty more ott funny and violent scenarios soon!
0% complete
This goal will allow us to develop the Whack It Games series continuously with no pauses in production flow. Pretty much this means all systems go and the games are being created on a full time basis with a full time animator and part time illustrator. Let the blood flow! At this rate the first chapter of the game would be completed in less than 4 months.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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