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About What About Your Friends

What About Your Friends (WAYF) is a podcast hosted by us, Charneil and Frankie, where current issues, pop culture, and relationships are explored through the lens of queer people of color. We let you into our hearts and minds as we hope to open up yours. Given the social and political climate, we think it's incredibly important to start and engage in conversations involving identity, life, and love. So every Tuesday we drop into your favorite podcast apps to do just that! 

This is where you can help! Our aim is to make these conversations as fun and accessible to others as possible. That requires time, energy, equipment, and yes of course, money. So we invite you help us in our endeavor to spread some fun conversations and foster connection. Anything you pledge will help us bring high quality content to current and future listeners.


We're building and planning our website with hopes to launch in October! The website will have links to episodes, show notes, resources and sections about the hosts. It'll feature a blog that will feature work from diverse contributors, as well as listeners! 

Funds will go to sponsored ads on social media as well as promotional materials for the show. This includes business cards, stickers, and more! Maybe even merch!

To provide continue quality content to listeners we hope to grow as podcasters and storytellers and upgrading equipment will help in showcasing that growth. 
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