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UNI-COIN is a way to help me make some new content BUT for poor people like me jajaja 

You don't need to spend to much money, only $1 and I'll already be happy!! 

So try this one!!

Love, Mi 




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About What a Feeling


I'm Mi (Mireia), I'm from Barcelona and I'd like to get to know my work to other people, that's why I'm here actually jajaja

I sing, play the guitar, the ukulele and I'll study photography this year. I'm thinking of uploading a video once a week, I want the day to be a surprise, every week it'll be different, to keep you aware of what I do jajaja Are you okay with it??:)

Anyway, I'm excited to start in Patreon, and we'll see how it goes!!

Mi, xx

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