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About Nicholas Theron Pace

Greetings and welcome to my Patreon.  

If you like fiction that is not genre-specific, unless you count: under-outreached American jobs, weird cult sports, occasional magic realism, education/labor satire, and modern societal trends worth criticizing, I think you'll like and appreciate my work.  In a nutshell, I like to create fiction that I want to hear about, as opposed to calling it a specific genre.

Your contribution allows me to continue doing what one of the top five things I love doing: storytelling. 

As of this October afternoon, I've created this Patreon account to showcase my artistry as a fiction writer and occasional poet, songwriter, and journalist. 

To feed, clothe, and shelter myself, I have a job as a freelance transcriber, but further info on that is for another site here:

My first project is the self-published Stagehand, an ongoing piece of electronic fiction that is slated to be available: Nov. 1, 2016.


Most of my life has been spent in the Pacific Northwest. 

I was raised in Spokane, WA, McCall, Idaho, and Boise Idaho (where I graduated High School), and I graduated from Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in 2010 with a Bachelors in Cultural Studies and Writing.

During my undergrad, I stumbled into journalism, which I consider the first challenge/inspiration to becoming a writer, including a two-month internship in Chennai, India in 2008.

After graduating with kind-of-a pointless degree and working a few social work jobs afterwards, I took the anti-traditional road into trades educationat Green River College (GRC), where I continued my skills education in Computer Reporting Technologies (CRPT). GRC's CRPT program primarily trains future court reporters, but I have been working on certification for CART or Certified Access Realtime Technologies used for translation of educational instruction for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.  

In the meantime, I run my own freelance transcription proprietorship: Nicholas Pace: Shorthand Services.

In between my long road of academia, I've been a vocational aide for the visually impaired, a tutor, a education administration assistant, a volunteer community radio news editor and gardener, a job coach for the developmentally disabled, and an arena stagehand (which is the main inspiration for my first episodic novel) 

My other interests/hobbies include playing guitar, collecting music, reading/watching good stories (obviously) tour bicycling, mountaineering, and cross-country running.
Nicholas Theron Pace, October 28, 2016

$0 of $100 per month
My current literature project, Stagehand, is being created on a chapter-per-month basis.  My intended goal is to finish the first chapter on November 1st.

I'm setting the first intended fundraiser at a modest $100, since this is my first piece of literature self-published. 
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