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About Demon City Slickers Podcast

Demon City Slickers is a bi-monthly Exalted 3rd Edition Actual-Play Podcast that seeks to tell compelling, action-packed, and diverse stories set in the world of Creation, set to music that we personally compose. We are funded entirely out of our own pockets, most of it coming out of the pocket of Jules Cunningham, our producer, editor, and Storyteller. Our goal is to currently become self-sustaining, and eventually be able to take time off of our intense work schedules to be able fully score each episode.
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Inquisitive Demonologists
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-Personalized On-Air Thank You
Semi-Regular Cultists
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-Access to written Bonus Content
Initiated Cultists
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-Access to Bloopisodes

-All previous rewards.

Ritual Leaders
per month
-NPC Naming rights! Name an NPC or have one named after you!

-All previous rewards

Right Hands to Octavian's Chosen
per month
-Access to regularly released setting notes for Se'arah Ayn, for use in your Exalted Games. You will be also be able to ask questions about the setting for use in said games,provided they're not too spoilerific.

-All previous Rewards

Right Hands to Mara's Chosen
per month
-Another audio thank you, this time in song form performed by the entire cast of the Demon City Slickers!

-All previous rewards

Right Hands to Sigareth's Chosen
per month
-Our Storyteller, Jules Cunningham, will write a unique adventure for you and your friends to play, whether it be a one-shot or the seeds to a longer adventure, either in Exalted, D&D, Pathfinder, or any Chronicles of Darkness System.

-All previous Rewards

Exalted of the Demon City
per month
-At this tier our Storyteller Jules Cunningham will ST a game through Google Hangout or Skype for you and up to 3 of your friends.

-All previous rewards

$9 of $30 per month
At this level we'll be able to be entirely self-sufficient, and be able to afford the hosting costs for the various sites and podcast publishing platforms.
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