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For a dollar, you'll get access to any of my works for solo instrument.  You'll also have access to work-in-progress PDFs so you can see how I construct and order my musical ideas, and occasional posts where I'll deconstruct some of my favorite moments in classical music and explain why I think they're of note.
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For two dollars, get words with your music.  I'm putting my lieder in this category because there are two parts, but I only have to edit one document, which makes my life loads easierThings like the Songs of Travel and So We'll Go No More A-'Roving will be in this tier.
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Because of the headache that comes from having to create and edit separate documents for parts, I'm putting instrumental solo with accompaniment at four dollars.  Stuff like Pendant L'Automne, and Le Garçon aux Cheveux de Lin will be here.  Each download at this tier will have both a score for the accompanist and a solo part for the instrumentalist.




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About Tom Webb

Hey there!
I'm getting back into the swing of writing music every day and thought I would take a minute to update my 'About' page, since a few things have changed. 

Since I first started this Patreon page, I spent a year and a half not writing much of anything while working in a pretty fantastically awful place, learning a trade that I ultimately ended up not being very good at.  I came out of it with pretty serious depression and background anxiety, and I've been in recovery mode ever since around this time last year.  I'm finally getting back into writing as a way to work around some of my larger anxiety and self-confidence issues, and I wanted to brush up my Patreon to reflect that.

This Patreon will remain primarily a place where you can get sheet music and download MP3 files of stuff I've written; but I also want to provide something for those of you who are maybe not musicians or classical music nuts.  So I'm going to be adding annotated work-in-progress PDFs at the $1.00 tier, where I'll take some time to outline my writing process and walk you through where I'm planning on taking things.

Finally, Patreons at any level can suggest things they'd like me to write.  Obviously I won't be able to tackle big projects without some sort of commission arrangement, but I will be perfectly willing to make little doodles from ideas you guys give me.
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Printed Media!  If I can get up to this much pledged per month than I'll start having things professionally printed and create a store somewhere where you can buy such things.  I have in the past had things professionally printed once or twice, and so I already have a printer lined up who won't rip me off and actually does things the way I want.  Initial costs aren't too much, but I do then have to store and ship stuff myself, which is a pain.  I'll also probably be able to get at least a few of the solo piano things properly recorded, although I make no promises, as recording costs a lot.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts