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is creating A Feminist Comic About a World Changed by Toxic Media
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About Emily K

When Dawn Breaks is a comic of feminist speculative fiction. What if the toxic ideas about “love” that are fed to us by books, movies, and TV shows become so wildly popular that unintended consequences erupt? What happens when people try to emulate the abusive relationships found in the media? What if every woman who consumed these things took their ideas to their logical conclusions? Considering the blockbuster nature of popular media, it wouldn’t be pleasant.

The comic features Emily, a fictionalized version of the cartoonist, and her experiences working in the Devorah's Shield Women's Shelter. Emily sees wants to take action against it all, but what can be done to fight back against something so culturally pervasive? Baffled and confused, she turns to her friends and coworkers for guidance. They all put their heads together and decide it isn’t enough to provide shelter at Devorah’s Shield – positive action must be taken, starting at the grass roots level. The next generation is at stake.

Many of the characters in the comic are people of color, some are LGBTQ, and most are women. Being a queer woman myself, it’s important to me that these kinds of characters get a bigger space in the comics world – and that our stories are told.
40% complete
I cannot print this comic unless I have funds. Reaching this pledge goal will allow me to create a physical version of the comic to be purchased online and hawked to indie comics shops. I'll keep everyone up-to-date on this progress should I reach this goal.
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