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It's taken me over three decades to change the very short story from "I was raped" to the more nuanced "I am a woman who is investigating her own serial rape case that Toronto police have failed to investigate properly".  I am also reaching out and searching for the other victims. 

Why the changed story? What events led me to believe the man who invaded my home is a serial rapist? Why am I investigating my own case and not letting police just "do their job"? What does the public need to know about how Toronto police work rape cases?

By voicing publicly will I find and connect with the other victims and maybe solve the case?

I know it’s been decades and my chances of finding the rapist who attacked me and the other women are slim. And that’s why this podcast will be about not just my own story, but also a space to share others stories of what happens when we voice our truth.

By sharing the nearly 20 years of my private sleuthing experiences and interviewing people who have voiced publicly and speaking with experts in the field of activism, justice, and intergenerational trauma I hope to uncover evidence, discover and share my and others journeys of those who voice, and of course, I hope to solve the case.

What happens When We Voice our truths?

Let's find out!

Join the growing community of voicers,

* To all sexual assault survivours who live daily with the aftermath. And, a deep and heartfelt thank you to all the people whose bravery have inspired my own voicing: all the people of the #metoo, #mmiw, #whenireported, #yesallwomen, #blacklivesmatter movements. To Jane DoeMandi Gray, Laurie Massicotte (I see how brave you are), Susan Chapelle, Ava Williams and so many others...

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