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The Debs Support Team
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Simply for being the absolutely wonderful human you are I'll be posting content to give you a behind the scenes perspective on my work; Including way more build progress images and behind the scenes content with write ups on the process, and access to private discord chat so we can all hang out and talk cosplay.


  • Build progress images with explanations
  • Helpful cosplay hints and tips
  • Private Discord!
Includes Discord rewards
Coffee Crew
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$5 is about the cost of a cup coffee, (which is ridiculous- its hot bean water?) so for keeping me caffeinated you're going to get the highest-quality images of my work, no more instagram or facebook compression!
Includes wallpapers and other photo-shoots.
You also get to help me make tough decisions and have input on my content via polls.

You'll also have early access to any full tutorials I do and all previous tier rewards.


  • Build progress images with explanations
  • Cosplay Hints and Tips
  • Patreon Discord!
  • Patron-only polls
  • Wallpapers and other HQ images
  • Early access to tutorials
Includes Discord rewards




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About Danielle Debs

First of all, let me thank you for even considering helping support my cosplay, it means the world to me. Cosplay takes a lot of time and money unfortunately, and having people like you who are willing to pitch in and support my craft is so incredible.

I promise every single cent will be used on cosplay. On materials for costumes, and photoshoots. If you're going to give, I'm going to give back. Your support means I'll be able to spend more time on making costumes and less time stressing that I wont be able to eat because I purchased too much EVA foam. 

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
$122 of $250 per month
Cosplay takes a lot of time and money, and so there's only so much I can do unless I have something to fall back on and make sure I don't starve to death.

At $250 I can more easily afford to pay a photographer to do photo-shoots and cover material costs for my projects.
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