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You like hunting. That's about it. You want to see more Rathalos dead, more Pukei Pukeis captured, and more Yian Garugas farmed for parts. You're still collecting whetstones from mining points.
High Rank Hunter
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You are a seasoned hunter who wants to see chained flash bombs, trick mounts, and combos between weapons. You want to see a monster so bombarded with bombs and flinches that they can't move until the "Quest Completed" appears on the screen. You pay for strategy and confidence. We will dedicate time to stream specific quests like arenas and events to show you how we approach things to get an A-rank.
G Rank Hunter
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You are a hunter who has seen it all. One who has watched the eclipse of the White Fatalis, one who has seen the sands of Jhen Moran burst from the deserts, indeed... you want to see... probably our cats or fashion armor sets. I mean, we'll probably dedicate some tempered Monster Fights to you or shout-out a name or tell a stupid joke for you. Yeah, that sounds fair, 10 bucks for a dad joke? You'd call that worth it, yeah?




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We are creating the first true streaming show for our favorite game series: Monster Hunter. These are two regular guys who want to bring our hunting skills, our humor, and our whetstones to this project and want to really open up one of the largest game series in the history of the world to a more western audience. This is quite literally the largest game series in Japan, and with the launch of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Monster Hunter World we have seen the western audience size explode... but without a real avenue to enjoy content that explores both the newest games, but the oldest games across 5 different gaming platforms. We hope you enjoy the content we are working on and want to bring a humorous approach to our favorite game of all time. Thank you.

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