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  • Sketches and early looks at upcoming projects!
  • Coupon codes to Etsy! (changes monthly)
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About WhimsiKya Arts


Hello! My name is Kya, otherwise known as WhimsiKya Arts. Welcome to my Patreon! 
I'm an illustrator that would like to make art my full-time job! I love video games, animation and all things sparkly! Creating artwork is my passion and with your help through Patreon, I can make it a reality! 

WhimsiKya Arts is my online handle for all things art-related! My goal is to be able to create shiny new artwork as well as sparkly original and fandom-related merchandise for conventions and my online shops! As a patron, you will be supporting these endeavors and help me fight the mega bosses:
  • Rent
  • Monthly bills
  • Merchandise creation
  • Convention shenanigans 
  • My trekking and general survival on this world map as a party of one.

What to expect as a Patron

Early access 
  • Sketches/WIPs
  • Downloadable content 
  • Process videos
  • Merch sneak peeks
  • Coupon codes to the Etsy shop

How Patreon works

Here's a FAQ!

When will I be charged?
Patrons will be charged at the beginning of the month for the current tier.

When are my rewards sent?
All reward links will be sent the following month. Links will be sent (within the first week) to patrons via a private message after all pledges are processed.

Can I view/buy any of the Patreon content outside of the Patreon?
Yes! However, some rewards will be Patreon exclusive.  Non-exclusive rewards WILL be posted and available for purchase outside of the Patreon - but there will be a delay in its availability. 

$2 of $25 per month
A huge thank you! With this goal reached, I can have some cushion for monthly expenses!
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