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Thank you for clicking onto my Patreon page!  This means in some way you have found my work and enjoyed it enough to see what I'm about!  So hi, I'm Jenn! I am a young mom who took a super long break from art since my early college days; now I've been able to come back to the art scene and dive right in, and it's been awesome!  I specialize in super-cute, hand-drawn Marker Art illustrations and custom hand lettering.

I joined Patreon because I would love to make you smile by bringing my lighthearted and colorful art to life on T-shirts, art prints, greeting cards, calendars, and in the future videos!  I am a very busy mom with 5 kids, so you can see where most of my life is devoted to, but I love art!   Your pledges would help support and allow me to purchase the supplies and equipment to bring you the adorable art that makes so many people laugh!
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When I reach $1000 I'll be able to purchase a Canon Artisan Printer to bring you professional quality art prints, calendars, stickers, and greeting cards!  I'll also be able to print super-sweet T-shirts to sell and I'll be able to give my top-contributing patrons a free shirt as a reward!
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