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Get a behind-the-scenes view into my brain, and see what I'm working on right now. I promise I'll post something at least once a month. 
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I invite you into the strange place that is my mind. Come and listen to the weird, wacky and wonderful ideas that I come up with. My hope is that it will inspire you to dream again, to imagine crazy things, and to bring some Whimsy and wonder back to the world!

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I like to write short stories. And get mail. If you like these things too, you've come to the right place! Let me add Whimsy to your life by sharing fun, deep, meaningful and ridiculous stories with you.

So how does this work? Easy. You select if you want real mail or virtual mail from the options to the right, and do what Patreon says. I write stories, and choose the best two to send you. You check your mail, and boom! There's some Whimsy for you. Read and enjoy. Repeat monthly. 

Why am I doing this? I love encouraging people to daydream, and I believe the world needs more Whimsy. 
Secondly, my dream job is to come up with ideas and get paid to do it. Last year, I set myself a challenge to write a page every day in order to hone my writing skills. Out of this came a bunch of short stories which needed to be shared with a broader audience. Another day, I was pondering how much I love getting mail, REAL mail, and poof! the idea for Whimsy: Stories by Subscription was born. 
Finally, writing for people makes me far more likely to set my bum in a chair and actually write. I'm not very good at self-motivation, but if I have people counting on me, and deadlines, I work much more efficiently. Help me write more! 

If you don't want to sign up for stories every month, you can see what random things are going on in my brain by selecting the "Backstage Brain Pass" option. This is where I post questions I've been pondering, story snippets, blog posts and more. 

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My first Patron! Woohoo! I will do a happy dance (especially if this isn't my Mom :D ). 
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