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About Whiskey And Rebellion

Whiskey and Rebellion is a podcast dedicated to re-instituting the American mantra of life, liberty, and property into the current political and social mess we have come to find ourselves in. By talking about current events and problems in today's misguided society with people of all walks of life, Whiskey and Rebellion seeks to find answers on where the United States has been, where it has gone wrong, and where it can go in the future by embracing the core values that American society was founded upon that have been lost along the way.

Instagram: @whiskey.and.rebellion
Facebook: Whiskey and Rebellion
Twitter: @whskyandreblion

"Eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the minds of man" - Thomas Jefferson 
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When the militia has 500 members, I will begin doing podcasts answering questions, interviewing people, and much more.
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