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About The Whiskey Brothers

We are The Whiskey Brothers, your favorite bunch of Houston-based comedic miscreants.

We currently have recorded and published over 700 podcast episodes (740 actually, as of Sep '19).  We have opted to do so without the interruption of commercials or advertisements for products we don't believe in.  We enjoy the creative process and cherish the artistic freedom that comes with not answering to sponsors.  That means, however, that we are essentially doing this for free.  That means all costs, from equipment to hosting to marketing to web development, are paid out of pocket.  We would love to not have to do that anymore.  Your donation, no matter how small, helps immensely.

So who the hell are we? 

•Robert L. Mungle: One of anime’s most proficient voiceover actors with over 100 IMDB credits including Parasyte: The Maxim, Akame ga Kill!, Excel Saga, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and more. Robert has been a national touring standup for over 20 years.

•Slade Ham: Producer, author, filmmaker, and standup comedian, Slade has performed in 52 countries and been seen on A&E, WGN, The Just for Laughs Festival, and featured in I Am Battle Comic (from the director of 'I Am Comic' and 'I Am Road Comic') released in April of 2017.

•Sam Demaris: Named one of the “15 Funniest Standup Comedians” by and seen on The Maxim Magazine Real Men of Comedy Tour with Joe Rogan, Charlie Murphy, and John Heffron.

•Dale Cheesman: Dale has appeared at the Come and Take It Comedy Takeover and has appeared multiple times on Doug Loves Movies. His comedy is absurd and uniformed and he enjoys being the dumbest guy in the room.

•Tre Tutson: Tre is the newest member of the Whiskey Brothers supporting stable. Focusing on topics that cover his insecurities and shortcomings, Tutson keeps audiences laughing and questioning his mental stability.
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