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Oh, hiiii! Welcome to our Patreon page! Slip your shoes off and stay a while. 

We're the Whiteman Brothers and we make a variety of comedy videos: satirical movie reviews, dubious how-to videos, absurd short films, and WHAT EVER ELSE WE WANT! 

It is our goal to give these pursuits the time and attention they deserve, but it can be tricky when you have other financial obligations like food, shelter, or, say, mountainous student loan debt looming over your psyche as well as your bank account.

With your continued support, we will bring you more videos more frequently, including some Patreon-Only content! (Oh, dang!) Heads up: we have donation tiers, but no rewards. By chipping in how ever you can, you'll have access to the Patreon-Only feed. Right now, we're gonna keep things simple and focus on making stuff. Think of it as busking on the internet.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our page! Oh, and don't forget your shoes! 

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