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Nice to meet you. We're Whitethorn Digital.

We're a small publisher of indie games that are narrative-heavy, off-beat, deliciously odd, and decidedly unique. We believe there's a space for games that emphasize togetherness, make you think, and don't mediate their interactions with the game world down the barrel of a gun.
To that end, we try to choose games that contain features like:

  • Couch co-op / competition
  • Rich narrative
  • Beautiful, immersive game world
  • Introspection, discussion
We anticipate to release about 3-5 great independent games in our inaugural year of business, 2018-2019. We open our doors for business this coming September 1, 2018!

About us...

Whitethorn Digital is located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

We operate on a revenue-share with our clients, do not charge a monthly fee, and do not recup costs from client revenue. We do not offer up front investments, and instead offer publishing services on a case-by-case basis. We try to differentiate ourselves by taking no equity in your company, and keeping our revenue share as small as possible, often less than 10%.

We offer a host of services designed to get fledgling game developers off the ground. While no two developers are exactly the same, we have a menu of services that include legal representation, accounting, project management and production, marketing, PR, and more. We typically partner with clients on a per-project basis.

Like most publishers, Whitethorn also makes games! We're currently working on a double-A (or if you like double-I) game for PC and platforms to announce this September 14, so stay tuned!

Who are we?

Whitethorn is composed of a team of employees, volunteers, and co-workers who comprise more than two decades of combined industry experience on games like Saints Row, MLB: The Show, Homefront, and more, as well as a staggering list of indie titles. Most of us have left AAA and returned to small towns seeking a better quality of life, and now we're trying to make Erie, PA an indie game city! Of course, you don't have to be located in Erie to be our client, but you should totally come visit! Erie's awesome!

What are you supporting?

By supporting our Patreon, you're helping us fund indie developers. Funds will be used to purchase office equipment, provide travel and marketing assistance to our indies, purchase software and hardware for development needs, purchase office supplies, and more. We can't do it without your help!

What do you get?

Feel free to browse our Patreon tiers. You can sign up for everything from exclusive posts and feeds, to participating in our betas and tests, as well as getting a subscription-style-access to everything we put out as it's released! If you want to be the first person to try new indie titles before they hit the market, sign up! All tiers also let you communicate with developers, Whitethorn staff, and more.

Thanks so much for taking a look! We hope you'll give us a shot!
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When we have 50 patrons, we'll have enough of a following that we'll need a social media coordinator to take care of all of you folks, and that's exactly what we'll get!
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