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Only $25 a month you'll get 4 pieces of tailor-made content a month. Everyone will get to vote on what they'd be most interested in receiving so you get a say in what content you'll receive. This also gets you access to the FREE FB group where you can commune with others like you.

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For $50 a month you'll get 4 pieces of tailored content, a chance to vote on what is created and access to a monthly guide on How To Create Content. This will come with tools, templates, content prompts and more for you to take and run with on your own!

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My name is Jess Del Pino and I'm an FDN-P! I didn't start this way though.

I actually came from the world of pop culture, entertainment, film and nerd culture. I worked with gamers, toy makers, cosplayers and more for years while I honed my skills of graphic design, video editing, copy writing, community management, marketing and social media.

I happened to be at a cross roads in my career where I was trying to figure out what to do next. It had become daunting so I took a break from all that and started working at a local health food store. This led me to focus on my health journey. I'd been dealing with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune condition, for about 20 years. So learning about supplements, holistic health practices and natural cures became quite the obsession for me. Then the thought occurred of how I could completely change careers, "Ah! I'll be a health practitioner!" That's when I found FDN and decided to shift gears down a brand new career path.

While the material of FDN came easily, the idea of working with people as a practitioner always felt off for me. I love to share knowledge but I was not as jazzed as I thought I would be with helping people one-on-one as a practitioner. I even took on a few clients but it still wasn't doing it for me.

With some soul-searching and allowing the universe to speak to me I realized that all the skills I had honed in a completely different industry were relevant in the health and wellness space too. Once I got real with myself everything changed putting me in alignment with a brand new passion project. This is when Social Wellness Marketing was born!

By becoming an FDNP myself I have an intimate knowledge not only of how practitioners work, but what they are trying to convey to clients. Getting to know many practitioners over the last year I started to see that there is a breakdown of how practitioners promote themselves, their businesses, packages and/or services. They also tend to undervalue themselves and want to discount what they've all spent thousands of dollars to achieve through courses, mentorships, and other trainings.

This is why I started Social Wellness Marketing. I believe that we all have something special to share through our own unique lens. Through that lens we can express our story in a way that helps each of us find a niche market of clients that will feel attune with us and our businesses.

Join me through this Patreon by subscribing monthly. For just $25 a month you will get 4 pieces of tailored content voted on by the community that can help you to start using social marketing to your advantage.
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When I reach $500 a month I will be able to create a monthly newsletter to recap all of the content created along with special deals just for patrons.
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