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Friendos are wonderful

  •  Help us make great new stuff
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Muppets are wonderful, innocent, and cute and help us do so much more!


Muppets will be;

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  • Sent new sticker(s) one time at the 3 month mark
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A helper helping us post more wholesome content each day. Supporting our goal of creating original wholesome comics. 

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We want to create original wholesome content and share wholesomeness! It's a lot of work but worth every hour of it.

We want to create all new all original content.
  • Our own Wholesome discord
  • Our own original images/prints shirts like our "Wholesome Grim"
  • Our own Wholesome comic with our creator friends
  • Our own little uplifting book of wholesome stuff, if we reach our goals
  • Our own Wholesome podcast and/or video series, if we reach our goals

You might be curious, what it takes to run @WholesomeMeme today.

  • Talking to users in distress via DM's
  • Finding content and identifying  creators (Fun!)
  • Talking to regular users every day (Fun!)
  • Engaging with our users in the comments (Fun!)
  • Moderating comments to prevent explicit negativity, bullying, targeting and Internet stuff
  • Maintaining all the channels, channel assets and our helper software.

Thanks to YOU, in 2019 @WholesomeMeme will likely reach 500,000 followers this year!

Your support means everything to us.
$2 of $400 per month
Reaching this goal will start the creative phase on, and being the production of and two original comic serious with partnering artists, one silly and funny and one very wholesome series.
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