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Modern Day Media - Boon or Bane?

Flick through a newspaper these days and we are confronted with news of mayhem, war, fear-based politics, corruption, crime that leaves us with feelings of doom and gloom.

Switch on TV and the same story whilst being thrust with larger than life celebrity lifestyles of Kardashians you can't keep up with.

Turn around the glossy magazines and yet another blow by being body shamed with unrealistic air-brushed photos of perfect bodies or expensive branded Louboutins, Vuittons being thrown in your face.

Is it any wonder that a common man out there feels an acute sense of socio-economic disparity, feels 'left out' in their misguided belief of how things ought to be and easily plagued with anxiety and depression?

Media today is both a blessing and a bane. 

What's Hot London? - Promoting the Undiscovered, Unheard and Underrated as HOT

We -  Shuba, Eddie & Ahmed have created a non-newsy social brand to foster a sense of community whilst rousing Londoners burnt out in the urban grind into feeling passionate about life again, to discover their beautiful city and feel connected with people once again.

Because as Samuel Johnson famously said -" A man who is tired of London is tired of life."

What's Hot London? is a young, fresh, vibrant, start-up media  brand based in London, England and promotes all that's undiscovered, unheard and underrated in London by mainstream media as HOT. 

We are passionate about content development and our focus is on society and communities
 as reflected in our  exciting editorials and content such as:

Historically Hot - Making history hot again.
Alternatively Hot - All about fetish clubs, polyamory and alternative lifestyles prevalent in society
What's Hot World? - A focus on travel and holidays
Heart to Hot - Relationships, dating,  agony aunt
Hot Couture - Fashion for all 
Hot Fest -  All about festivals
Hot Spots - Places
Hot Talent - People
Hot Tunes - Music
Hot Tech - Tech, gaming, virtual reality trends in London
Hot Property - Featured unusual properties 
Hot Wheels - Stories on Cars, Bikes 
Hot Clicks - Photography
Telly Hot - Television news
Hot or Not? - Reviews of books, theatre, exhibitions, food, films and so on
...and more to come!

To limit What's Hot London? to merely a publishing brand would be lacking in imagination.

We hold brand marketing community focused events too.

Last year, we held the screening and awards for selected short films at the HOT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL LONDON 2016.

We also held a non-commercial event in association with Richmond council in West London last Xmas called HOT BAKES - The London BakeOff 2016, a festive bake off.

We are all about bringing communities together.

Help us Reach Out to London..and the Skies

What's Hot London? media's channels of distribution are:
1. Web
2. Print
3. Broadcast (TV someday!) 

We are in stage 2 now with an exciting What's Hot London? printed magazine that we have soft-launched since June to sample with advertisers, agencies and distributors. 

We want to make our printed magazine available to the people of London.

We want to distribute 10k copies of our print magazine in London. The printing costs are about $3000 a month. It will take about 6-8 monthly issues of our printed magazine to build advertising revenues and until such time we seek your support to cover the printing costs.

Help us spread the warmth and keep London HOT throughout the year with passion, excitement and greater connectedness through What's Hot London? magazine.

$0 of $2,500 per month
Reaching $2500 will enable us to print 10k copies of our magazine.
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