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is you stupid?
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1 dollar will get you a carefully crafted low level insult posted on your facebook wall once a month. Dont expect much out of it or any response back unless im 
you must be stupid
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Now i know i just called you stupid so don't feel like youre getting a special deal here. You just are stupid...like really dumb. So this tier gets you 5 insults a month on your facebook wall or who knows maybe ill even tweet at you. people still use twitter. this also gets you one insult within a comment chain on your wall. Th
a special kind of dumb
per month
You get everything you must be stupid with the added bonus of knowing you are a very special kind of dumb. for this tier i will not only insult you on your page, but i will insult anyone who jumps in to defend you. I will not get into comment arguments at this tier. this tier also grants you access to 2 additional insults a month




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I don't know you. Maybe I do. But on this page I don't like you. Hell we might be friends in real life, but if you come here I only have one goal. I am going to insult you. There are varying degrees of insults and with each tier unlocks a new level of saving and biting insults. These carefully crafted insults are an art and as such I need the proper funding so I can be in the right mind to insult idiots such as yourself. That was a freebie but don't expect much more.
$1 of $40 per month
I would like to buy a mildy decent bottle of tequila. Or a bunch of bad tequila. But I wanna buy tequila and have it be paid by your tears. 
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