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About MissBlockchain

In 2017, Missblockchain.tech was created to boost awareness about diversity, inclusion, and women in blockchain. In 2018, we've been continuing with our mission for women to be recognised as leaders in tech. 

We've published hundreds of articles, press releases, interviews, and thousands of member tweets and retweets, and got over 120,000 hits, all supporting the global women in blockchain and diversity in crypto movement.

Much of this work has been done by its creator, Akasha Indream, Veronica Mihai, Alice Hlidkova, and a host of other part time volunteers completely pro bono.

Check out one of our fortnightly Women in Blockchain member spotlights:

We created the WIBI.io telegram group in late 2017 after noticing that women in other telegram groups got bullied, trolled, ridiculed for asking questions, and the links that they posted promoting their own work got taken down. 

There's nearly 700 women now in our exclusively women in blockchain telegram group WIBI.io, and together we plan events and meetups, share news, and provide supportive professional guidance.

We bump into each other around the world! Like Alice here in London:

Missblockchain and WIBI together are the public cheerleaders for the women in blockchain space and beyond.

Being our patron means we can continue supporting diversity and inclusion in crypto well into 2019 and beyond, and ensure that women in blockchain have an ongoing, public voice in the media. 

Join our public group:
http://t.me/blockchaingoddesses (all welcome, including men)

Support us on socials:

Instagram/Facebook @missblockchain

Telegram @missblockchaintech

Got ideas? Email the creators [email protected]

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