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is creating Ceramics and illustrations
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About Rachel Moore

Hi all, I'm Rachel! Few things about me before we get started... I am addicted to caffeine and dogs, I like to art, and I'm usually friendly. Ok, here we go....

I am a multi-media artist that specializes in ceramics and I am graduating from college (finally!) and setting up my own studio to work out of. I have explored many different mediums in the course of my life, but my one true love has always been ceramics. I love to draw and will do it for fun whenever the mood strikes, or by request as an illustrator; but ceramic art is where my heart is. I started playing with clay in 2001 and never stopped. No matter what I do or where I go, it always pulls me back.

I have been studying Fine Arts at the University level since 2014 and started publishing my work on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook this year. The response I have received thus far has been fantastic and I have even managed to launch my business because of it. Now I am facing the challenge of growing both sides of my business, so I joined patreon to try and make that a little easier. I will be setting up my studio soon and once that's done then I'll be able to start regularly making and uploading content. I plan on covering topics within ceramics and illustration as well as sharing my works with my partons and being available for those who wish to contact me.

So.... Other than the coloring pages, I've got nothing for you guys yet, but I will have stuff soon! I want my patreon to be totally exclusive content, so until I can make new stuff (next month) I'm stalled. Check out my instagram or facebook page in the mean time!!!