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About Wicked Words

I never know what to write in these areas, so here goes, will probably add to this as I go along.

Born in 1964 in one of the rougher areas of Edinburgh, an unremarkable childhood and schooling, aiming for the dole as most of the kids in our area were and getting on with this quite nicely…

Initially was on a Y.O.P. with a photography lab in central Edinburgh but transitioned to taking photographs for the Craigmillar Festival Society for a year or so.

I then met a girl who was training to be a nursery nurse whilst I was training to be a doss head, kept meeting her from her training placement with under -5s earlier and earlier, going in and reading stories to kids, me with my Robert Smith hair-do as well.

Trained in working with children after the advice of the headteacher of the unit and have worked with children for almost 30 years. Running my own nursery for a couple of years and for the past 20+ years I worked with children on the autistic spectrum, more specifically Asperger’s Syndrome, in a residential school in North Yorkshire.

I now sell books for Waterstones whilst reviewing and writing.

I gained an Honours Degree in Art History with the Open University to give a theoretical understanding of art, artists and his own practice.

My photography has been developed through self study and practice though I never seem to get enough time for either, but getting more able to work at making time for both. I’m hoping that this theory will also go through into my writing.

On Wicked Words (www.wickedwords.co.uk) I will create book reviews, writing tips, maybe some original writing, a speculative fiction quarterly, photographs, offer web design services, write about art history and approach anything that takes my fancy.

I also run the Book Buddy (www.bookbuddy.org.uk) website where we aim to help schools match up with interested donors to get books into their libraries. So far wee have almost 550 schools registered and are always looking for new donors.

Well just a taster of me, more to come, maybe…

(Oh and I have a cat...)
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When I reach this goal I will be able to refinance the Quarterly magazine of speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror and other) that ran for three issues as this will be enough to pay the authors for their work without worrying.

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