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About Wiggle Wags Pet Care

Wiggle Wags Pet Care is a small, quaint pet care business established in late 2017 by Sheridan M. Lehman, a pet care professional in the Cumberland County, Southern NJ area. The mission of Wiggle Wags Pet Care is to give each pet a MEMORABLE and FUN experience while their parents are away so they don't even notice they're missing until they walk through the door to come home! Our business is caring for each and every animal of any species as if they were our very own family-- because that's what your babies are to you, and what matters to you matters to US. 

We will take care of your pet in the ways that you do every day. Their experience with us is tailored specifically to the way you feel is most comfortable for them, though we always go the EXTRA mile to make it even more fun and exciting with extra play, treats, photos, adventures, and more! 

Our end goal is to have our very own facility that opens us to MANY more exciting possibilities! We have big plans for our future... Will you join us and become a part of it? 
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We would like to purchase our own facility. When we hit $80,000, we will begin looking for a facility that can meet the needs and ambitions of our mission! This includes a small-scale boarding kennel, group play "daycare", grooming salon, photo studio, rescue fostering, and so much more! We would like to look into something that may need work in order to fully customize our property to fit our vision. 

When this goal is reached, all of our patrons will have their own benefits for helping us on our journey. 

(Wiggle Wags will still cater to home-based pet sitting and care! This is just an additional endeavor we would like to pursue.) 
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