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Eager Omega: Tester Team Edition
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Testers make the world go round!  This limited-edition tier will get you access to both alpha and beta testing for just $1, along with all the other perks from the Eager Omega tier!  Be advised that testing comes with additional responsibilities (full list coming soon-- stuff such as giving feedback on builds and not sharing builds/screenshots with anyone outside the tester team unless given permission).

Alpha testing is expected to begin in April.

Includes Discord rewards
Eager Omega
per month

Every little bit counts!  $1 may not sound like a lot, but if everyone who loves WildCraft were to become an Eager Omega, those dollars would quickly add up!

By becoming an Eager Omega, you will gain the following perks:

-Access to the exclusive weekly update blog

-Encompassed in generic "thank you Patrons" shoutouts

-Patron role on the official WildCraft Discord server

-Access to exclusive teasers, polls, and other Patron-only content

Includes Discord rewards
Bountiful Beta
per month

Bountiful Betas are the core of the WildCraft support base!  Their support provides a stable foundation for the continued development of the mod, and their input while testing beta releases of the mod helps ensure that bugs and glitches get caught before the public release.  These strong supporters will also be named in the credits of update videos on the official WildCraft YouTube channel, as well as receiving 1 free custom skin per year as a thank you for their support.

By becoming a Bountiful Beta you will gain access to the following perks:

-All Eager Omega perks

-Beta testing access

-Named in Bountiful Beta credits section of update videos

-1 free custom skin per year

Includes Discord rewards




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About WildCraft

Welcome to the official WildCraft Patreon!  Here, you can support the development of the WildCraft mod, and gain access to exclusive betas, previews, and opportunities to influence the development of the mod!

By supporting WildCraft, you're helping ensure the long-term survival of the mod, as well as helping me continue to pursue my passions and be able to take on projects like this one!

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If we reach $50 a month, I'll open a dedicated WildCraft community server, so you can play WildCraft with all your friends!
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