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About Mollie

Thank you for your support! I am so excited to continue my creative journey on Patreon. It is truly inspiring to see the work of fellow makers, writers, musicians, and artists. When you support artists on Patreon, you are giving us all a beautiful gift, by helping us to improve our work and create a more vibrant artistic community. I hope that one day, everyone values the arts as much as you do! <3 

I am a jewelry maker, and if you choose to be my patron, you can help inspire my pieces directly, and receive exclusive offers from my shop. With each donation level, you will be able to access giveaways, coupons, discounts, and more! My first five Patrons will be entered into an exclusive jewelry giveaway, regardless of donation level.

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My Business & Mission

I started Wildflower Rising Jewelry Company to promote the values of joy, justice, kindness, mindfulness, and taking care of each other and our planet. I chose the name Wildflower Rising because I am inspired by the strength, beauty, and resilience of nature. I want to help create a world where a sustainable, ethical business model is the standard. My eco-friendly mission is intended to encourage those values, and to urge fellow entrepreneurs to do the same. 

-Eco-Friendly Values-

1) I only use beads made from sustainable materials, like recycled glass, semiprecious gemstones, crystals, Czech glass, and wood—never plastic!

2) All of my packaging is sustainable! The jewelry boxes are made from 100% recycled material, and everything else is made with Kraft paper that is mostly post-consumer content. Even the bubble wrap is biodegradable!

3) Wildflower Rising has social media pages that aim to raise awareness about environmental issues, and work to promote environmental justice by encouraging political and social action.

4) In addition to fighting for broader change, Wildflower Rising Jewelry Company shares information about how we all can reduce our carbon footprints.

5) As Wildflower Rising grows, a percentage of the profits will go to environmental justice, wildlife preservation, social justice, and human rights organizations. To have a more significant impact, I will primarily support organizations that are local to my company (and home) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Thanks so much once again! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
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