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Through the support of your monthly pledge, our latest wonderful human and small business owner, Brian, of Tougo Coffee Co. in Seattle's Central District has a clearer voice among all the chaos of Seattle's wild gentrification.  Brian has created a peaceful, creative and loving space that creates understanding and adds to life in general and now we've been able to amplify his impact in the world.  Also, the coffee at his shop is probably the best in Seattle.  Thank you everyone and YOU ROCK.  <3

I love making videos and I love good cinematography.  I want to bring that to the people and businesses that can't normally afford the higher production costs of higher-end promos but who could benefit the world most if they were noticed.  That's where you wonderful patrons come in. 

With each $1 that we can gather, that is $1 more offset from the production of a video that I can make for a small business or environmental cause that needs a voice.  Thank you for taking a look and for your consideration.  

Right now your $1/mo will go towards:
  • Supporting people/small businesses that can't afford professional, high-end photo/cinema services by helping me offset the costs of those productions.  Generally the people and businesses I help are adding to life or deepening the human experience in a positive way but need some help becoming more visible.  
  • Making learning FREE for everyone through the SKY FOLK: LEARN series on my YouTube Channel
  • The environment/critters.  33% of SKY FOLK revenue is donated directly to environmental causes, most frequently it has been through The Nature Conservancy with close to $2,000 donated so far!
$4/mo helps even more, so, you'll be in the credits for films we make

Want to show your support quickly and simply?  I accept two major forms of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).  

ETH can be sent to: 0x1b5f5E720517Bf6524AF68B31A55be2c353F150e
BTC (Bitcoin) can be sent to: 1Kj2rRujHoeubSU8ww31voLVVA9BSfizdg

No Rewards?  Sort of...
  • Right now, it is all about the support itself, if you can help with $4/mo I'll make sure your name is in the credits for anything that has credits.  In the future I can make some pins or some stickers or hats, but we'd need to be pulling in some serious money each month to make that happen.  Until then I'd like to put all the money towards supporting the causes listed above and the art I am making.  <3
Here is the latest small business and person we've supported: 
Pachamama Apothecary on Lopez Island, WA - run by Callie North
Here is the latest from the vlog:
Woooooo baby the Arctic is cold!  Welcome to Baffin Island folks :)
Here is the latest from SKY FOLK: LEARN:
Thank you for your support,

-Will Christiansen
$14.19 of $2,000 per month
When we hit $2,000/mo I will be able to help a small business, person or cause every-single-month.  $1/mo from you and your friends and your family get's it done.  Share the mission!  <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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