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About Will Clements Art

I'm Will.
I draw characters and post them on the internet.
Congrats! You've stumbled upon my plan for world domination.

This Patreon is an easy way to support my art, and my living! If you're curious about the tiers, there's only one. 'Tis that simple! If you're a fan of my doodling or just looking to support me, this is the place to do so. New content will be as frequent as possible; you'll be seeing a lot of "Work In Progress" updates behind commissions and Patreon projects. 

Speaking of commissions, fret not!
They'll still be available whilst this Patreon exists. If you're looking for something oh-so specific, you can commission me via my Twitter, or my Website!

I'm a digital artist/scribbler of pixelated crayon, but I started out with pencil and paper! I specialise in chibi-style character illustrations, but it's not the only style I'm familiar with (although it is my favourite). I am constantly trying to improve my work, and hopefully this Patreon will be a great place for me to practice all manner of techniques.

There's going to be a whole mixture of pop culture content here, such as characters from Marvel/DC comics, video games and *probably* TV shows. I draw what I love, and hopefully you lovelies enjoy what you see. 

I put hours of time and patience into making my work the best it can be. Commissions are my energy source; they keep me focused and busy, but sometimes they're not always frequent. This Patreon allows me to keep that focus; it also stops me from going completely insane!
Aside from keeping me on the sane train, your support goes toward improving my work, and making sure I can stay afloat in the adult world! It's honestly a little strange to think about, my hobby becoming my full time job, but at the same time its incredibly exciting! Hopefully, as this Patreon progresses, I can support my fellow creators in turn. Gotta spread the love.


Thank you so much for reading this far; it's a proper mouthful I know, but I appreciate you sticking with it. Whether you choose to become a patron or not, I'm incredibly grateful that you stopped by and had a little gander. You da' best.

Will <3

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*gulp* "Oh boy..."

25 is a big number, and it's also a little terrifying! Once again, you guys have control over which character I draw next! Now I can start helping out with the house bills a little more, so thank you!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
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