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About Willem

I'm alive on this earth to help midwife a new story for disconnected humans to live in. Some call it "becoming a child of the earth", some may say "rewilding", others say "courting your indigenous soul".

No matter who you are, no matter how bad things have gotten, if you search back in your ancestry, and the place you live in, you'll find human beings living in a way that blesses the earth.

I write, interview, teach, and tell stories towards this end of rediscovering how we can again bless the place we live in. I have a blog called the College of Mythic Cartography where I have been writing and podcasting since 2004. In my professional life I am currently a software developer, though having spent the last several years as a game designer and community educator, teaching communities to revitalize their own endangered languages - you might call it "language revitalization for anarchists".

We are alive in a time when a human future is in doubt - for thousands of years, a colonizing imperial culture has been steadily devouring the world and all its peoples, but now all that is over. We're living in its dying days, in a time when we have a decision - do we party until its over, plugging our ears until the lights go out? Or do we find a way to bless the earth, and rediscover what it means to be human beings, whether or not we survive the Anthropocene extinction - the planet earth's sixth great mass extinction currently underway?

Periodically I post an essay, and sometimes a podcast, on this subject and other closely related notions - adulthood, community, animal tracking, nature awareness, how-we-know-what-we-know, animism, storytelling (and storyjamming, aka role-playing games) and so on. I honestly do it whether or not it makes money - my blog has been ad-free for almost a decade. But support matters, and it is deeply inspiring when people back their appreciation with dollars that help me keep the site going and financially justify the time in spite of life's other pressures.

Thanks so much - and here we go!

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