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Gaming for goofballs!

I'm not the world's best gamer, I don't play (or compete) professionally and I just play as a hobby. And none of that matters one bit.

I play for the fun of it, for the experience of sharing a game with good friends and entertaining people with light-hearted commentary as we hunt for those elusive moments where, despite the odds, something amazing or hilarious happens in-game.

I play alone and I also play with friends; it all just depends on the game and on everyone's mood (and availability).

If you're watching one of my livestreams, you're a friend too -- please never hesitate to say "hi" in chat, because you're always welcome. You can join us in our antics, or you can lean back and watch from the relative safety of the gallery.

Serious Stuff

I play a variety of PC games on a semi-regular livestream schedule. Game genres I enjoy include space sims (like X3: Albion Prelude), 4X (like Distant Worlds and Star Ruler 2), world builders (like Cities: Skylines), the occasional action RPG (like Grand Theft Auto V), RTS (like Defense Grid and Zero-K) and puzzlers (like Talos Principle).

Livestream Schedule
Most weekends (usually Saturdays), usually starting at either 11:00am EST or 1:00pm EST, time permitting. Livestreams are usually announced at least one day in advance on my Steam Community group and can be viewed live at http://twitch.tv/willfe.

Livestream Archives
After each broadcast, livestreams are split into episodes and uploaded to my YouTube channel. I do my best to keep all videos online and viewable, but on rare occasions copyright holders (or YouTube's own Content ID system) might claim their material appears (or is used) in a video. Sometimes this has no real impact, but occasionally a video can be blocked in certain countries or removed entirely.

Patreon Funds
Any patronage is sincerely appreciated, but never solicited. Funds received via Patreon will be used primarily for gaming -- acquiring new games, maintaining equipment, service fees (i.e. game subscriptions, if we ever get into an MMORPG-style game), etc.

Right now, this is a hobby, not a profession. I won't use Patreon funds to pay my rent or utilities, buy groceries or gas up my car -- they'll only be used in support of my gaming efforts.

Thanks for considering supporting my efforts, and whether or not you ultimately choose to make a pledge, sit back and enjoy the games! There's always an open seat at the table!
$5 of $50 per month
When this goal is reached, I'll run at least one livestream each month where the viewers can choose (via poll) which game they'd like to see me play from a selection of games in my library (or that's available via Steam).

For my own sanity, I'll provide the list of games to choose from for each viewers' choice livestream (there are games out there I'm certain I wouldn't ever play, and "mood" plays a role as well), but the poll will be run fairly (I don't get a vote except in the event of a tie, and there won't be a "cop-out" option like "Willfe's choice") and I'll abide by the group's decision.
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