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About Willow Wallis

Hello all! My name is Willow and I'm a grad student at UW-Madison. I'm studying educational leadership and policy analysis. I'm passionate about changing the world through meaningful action and making education more accessible. Art has always been a passion of mine that I put on a shelf in hopes of having a more financial stable future, but ironically my art is what I'm falling back on in a time of great financial need. 
For some moronic reason, there is an assumption from the government and from schools that folks are completely supported in the summer months. Financial aid ends in May and doesn't start up again until September. While I feel extremely lucky that my health is going well and that I was able to work this summer, I get paid in two lump sums after my work ends. This leaves me with about $20 to my name for the first half of August. I was able to move into my apartment but now I have no money to support myself. I set up this Patreon page as a way of offering services for what I love to do; handmade, customized, beautiful calligraphy for folks that I care about. In turn, you'll be able to support me during this difficult time. Thank you so much for reading a bit about my story! -Willow

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