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About Jonathan Wilson

Stories can inspire, uplift, let your imagination take flight. I don't know if what I create will ever do any of these things but it is my hope and with that I hope you will come along for the journey. Watch things unfold and grow. It will be fun and having company is always nice. Making new friends even better. As you can see below, I have a lot to do. Your support would mean more than words can express. You will get to see everything at every stage of development. Along with the stories here, I will do a bit of fan art for fun and  also do commissions if requested. Plus all the goodies I can think of as rewards.

The Untold Tales of Hiawatha - Webcomic
Follow the adventures of Hiawatha as he faces off against all powerful, supernatural beings, rather mean and angry wolves that breath fire and other unfriendly foes yet to be imagined, In the first book, Hiawatha begins a quest to seek and find his spirit animal, a powerful guide, mentor and protector that will become his lifelong friend and companion. His journey will take him to the far north, in the frozen tundra, (It's very cold there) the land of the Inuit. Who knows what dangers await our hero. It's still developing but I promise they will be very cool with a lot of suspense and thrills and chills.

Brimhildur and the Hidden Folk - Children's Book
Brimhildur is fiery little girl who loves adventure. She and her family are Viking explorers in a strange and wonderful new world. A place call Iceland. A mysterious place full of hidden dangers, magic and well... mystery. Brimhildur is the pride and joy of her doting Viking parents but for one small slightly irritating fact, she was cursed by Oognut the Foul, an evil one-eyed witch infamous for her creativity with her curses and that's not all, surprisingly, Oognut also makes the most delightfully delicious doughnuts. As it turns out, a little known fact, Vikings just love doughnuts. As for Brimhildur's curse... well, that's a surprise for later. :) Oh, the Hidden People part, no, I didn't forget, they are a surprise, too. 

Dzien Dobry - Children's Book
A children's book about an American girl shipped off to Poland to spend the summer her Babcja (Grandmother) who she has never ever met. One small problem though, she doesn't speak Polish and Babcja, no English. Nope. None. Let the fun begin!

I should probably stop here as there are still many more ideas to come. Hiawatha, Brimhildur, the unnamed American girl and her Babcja all send their love and hope you will join us on their adventures and all the ones to follow.

So I thank you for...

Wait! Wait! Sorry, there's one more that wants to be made and It's gonna be a doozy. It's a manga inspired Scifi epic game called...

The Flight of the Luna Moth - Graphic Novel and Game
Synopsis: For centuries they have watched over and protected us... unseen, unknown and now in grave danger. They now are under attack, being decimated by overwhelming forces, and when the end comes to every last one, there will be no defense, the earth will be pretty much doomed. The Lunar Moth are an ancient order of really awesome female cyborg warriors sent from a distant galaxy to protect our world from danger... But, Jon, why are they called Luna? Well... because they live on the moon, the dark side, on a very secret base, it's really nifty there. Unfortunately, it is currently under siege by giant ugly space monsters and God knows what else, all bent on destroying them and the earth. And they are really, really mean. So it's not looking too good at the moment...

That is the basic premise.

Game concept: The Luna with have say, up to 4 playable characters as well as 4 alien races bent of their utter annihilation. Each game will come with a mini graphic novel and a figurine for each character and alien monster race. The graphic module will leads the players with a storyline that ends on a cliffhanger. That is where the gameplay begins. Part role play with dice and part card game (support characters, weapons, special abilities, etc), the players will strategize and battle it out to determine the end of the story. The art will be a high end animé style like character designer Range Murata (of The Last Exile and Blue Submarine No.6) If successful, I will create new monsters, characters and graphic modules for future updates. Stay tuned for more developments. 

The goal is a working prototype and then either launch a Kickstarter or go directly to a publisher. This is where your help would come in. With your support, I will make this game a reality.

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  • See the Patreon FAQ for additional information. CLICK HERE.

So what will I do with your support.

  • I will able to devote myself to doing this full time. Working everyday on the art and stories I have dreamed of doing since I was little.  
  • I will offer cool surprises and rewards for you along the way to the best of my ability.

So thank you for stopping by. I hope you will enjoy my work. Wish me luck, I now have a ton of work to do.


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