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About Rawb Herb

About the comic

Magical Hazel is an action/comedy webcomic about magical girls, videogames, and exploring the psychology of friendship. It's inspired by all of the fantasy nerd stuff and animation that's captivated me throughout the years. I hope you enjoy it!

About the creator

Hi, I'm Rawb. I'm currently working full-time in mental health research and in my free time I work on my art career :] I'm really into cats, fantasy stories, and competitive games.

You can find me at: twitter | IG | tumblr | deviantart.

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I post rough pages, concept art, and commentary after every page is posted! I hope that if you're interested in learning comics you might find my development insight useful! Patrons can feel free to ask any questions about my process here.

Thank you so much to everyone backing this for your support and your faith in me! You'll get a free sketch request for becoming a patron the first time!
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