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Ive been sitting on these characters that a lot of people seem to enjoy for a long time now. Ive dabbled in comics of these kinds of before (Like work I've done for my buddy Alex (Octopimp)) but now it's time to tell my own story. I'm going to try to produce fully painted, fully voice acted webcomics that updates every other week or so. They won't be too long, just short slice of life sort of deals. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry (probably from laughing, though). But regardless, I hope you'll join me for this ride. 

Gayliens! is a webcomic shown in the form of a youtube video. There are voice actors and matching text bubbles. It follows a cast of queer, (mostly) poly aliens and humans trying to navigate through Earth together. 
$9 of $50 per Updates, Extra Goodies and sneak peeks!
This is the only place I'll be posting WIPs, screen shots, and story sneak peeks. I'll also be posting the completed episode as soon as they're posted!
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