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As a thank you to our lovely patrons, we will, at a somewhat random time and place of our choosing, give a shout out to you on our program. This will almost certainly involve talking you up (buttering you up?), giving props to whatever it is you're up to, and most likely whatever other things we can invent or assume about you, in the case where we don't know you all that well!

Either way, you will be immortalized on our program as a loyal patron, the people we work for in bringing you this wine industry talk show, and the people who make all of our programs possible.
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Don't you want your very own autographed Wine Biz Radio t-shirt? After ten consecutive episodes of your support at this level (i.e. you've plunked down $50 of your hard-earned shekels to listen to us), your three intrepid hosts will put their mark on your t-shirt, adorned with the iconic Wine Biz Radio logo on the front, and "OFFICIAL PATRON" on the back. We promise to include a semi-personalized message to you (legibility is up for debate, however) on your t-shirt for everyone to witness how awesome you are.

We'll need your size and where to ship it. Other than that, leave it up to us to deliver you a custom piece of wine couture!




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Once upon a time...

...Kaz used to do a radio show called "Wine Biz" in the sleepy hamlet of Sonoma, California. It was run from a community radio station with about 1/20 of a watt (perhaps even less!) and all was good in the world. Along comes 2007, Randy showed up and helped move the show to a radio/podcast hybrid, and thus "Wine Biz Radio" was born in form that everyone knows it today. Together, they interviewed many thought leaders and industry people, they attended conferences and events and brought an audio recorder with them. No corner of the wine industry was safe. Finally, in 2010, X (also known as Christophe) came on board, and the team was complete. Together, Wine Biz Radio soared to new heights (or depths, depending on how much wine was consumed). The threesome were entertaining, informative, and charismatic, with on-air chemistry to rival the largest radio personalities on the airwaves!

But something was missing...

By 2012, Randy was moving toward becoming a full-time filmmaker and producer. Producing Wine Biz Radio was an act of love, but was taking too much of his time, time that had to be spent building his business. And so WBR was put on hiatus in October 2012, and since then, only one new episode was posted just before the end of the year in 2013, to keep the show from really going stale.

And time passed. Seasons came and went.

There was consistent teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing done by both the hosts and the audience. There was an itch that wasn't being scratched, and everyone knew it. The answer, really, is that the show must go on.

And so, Wine Biz Radio will return once again to claim its place as THE Wine Leaders™. This time around, the show will be distributed as a podcast only. To do that, we need the best audience in all of wine radio mediadom to help us make this possible.

In our recent (i.e. just the other night) discussions to restart the program, we figured that we would sell ads on the program (much like we did for the podcast previously), but only for businesses that we hand-select and feel strongly about ourselves, and that we think our audience might like too. And largely that model can work for us, though we've hit snags in our programming where sponsors would get upset about some of what we were doing because it wasn't helping *their* brands, despite that it felt like the right thing for us to talk about.

And you know what? There is another way...

If each of our listeners pitched in a couple bucks for each episode, we could make the show completely ad-free and focus solely on serving YOU guys, rather than being concerned about what sponsors want us to focus on (or not focus on, depending). We can be purely entertaining for its own sake, beholden to no one but you guys, the people we love and who love us in return. And we're not talking about fleecing you so we can go to the Bahamas (though wouldn't you like a few episodes about the wines of the Caribbean? I know we would!), but rather just paying us for the time and energy we put in to making the most awesome and authentic wine radio program on Earth.

So what do you say? Shall we see how this experiment goes? We're dying to throw off the bonds of sponsorship and advertisers in order to provide you with the wine radio program that you want.

Let's make it happen together. Love you all!
$12 of $50 per Episode
We used to stream our recording sessions live to USTREAM. We can certainly do that again, but setting up additional equipment, starting live streams, and all that jazz is a huge pain in the backside! You can make that argument moot!
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